Saudades de Salazar? I

Tendo em consideração todas aquelas pessoas que não se coíbem de dizer que "isto no tempo de Salazar é que era bom" e, ainda, "Salazar nunca deixaria isto acontecer" e um, não tão comum, "era uma ditadura mas não havia esta pouca vergonha", o Moyle, dando seguimento ao seu périplo como publicitário, encontrou uma série de soluções para resolver a angústia desta gentinha toda.
Talvez os leitores não compreendam porquê mas vocês têm que saber que ao Moyle custa muito o sofrimento por que estas pessoas estão a passar e compadeceu-se delas.
Compaixão, é só isso.

Subscritores que, movidos de compaixão, concordam com a solução apontada neste post e que, por isso mesmo, têm o céu reservado:


Jimini Cricket

21 comentários:

ktr7ercom disse...






after check this links out go to wash your hands well,, it's drops blood

all the world konw you are terrorists and u haven't conscience,, so go to your bed and have a sweet dreams

but be sure this kids spirits will chase you in your dreams or in your waking

Moyle disse...


what about leaving the camel's backside alone [it doesn't love you, you know?] and learn some english?

Teté disse...

Não ligues, que isso deve ser spam...

Quanto ao texto, onde é que posso assinar por baixo??? Por pura compaixão, note-se! :)))

Moyle disse...


o Moyle assina por ti:D

quanto ao comentário anterior, irrita-me porque estes gajos não respeitam os camelos, fazem deles objectos sexuais. é uma violência para os animais. depois nem num jantarinho, um telefonema, um carinho... nada. irrita-me. é só isso.

tasneem disse...

u r not a human ,, shame on u

go to hell with ur good English.
but be sure someday this kids will make ur life like hell so go back to the hell u come from

Moyle disse...


you're a bit of a moron aren't you... I'm sure they will but, until then, piss off.

tasneem disse...

hey,,, maybe u see me as a moron,, but i think the moron he is the one who choose country like israel to put it in his profile and he didn't belong to it or follow her policy.

and about what r u write in ur blog,, am not interested and i know the language u r write by.. and i can use google to translate ur posts but i have a big propaganda _ as u said_ to do,, so am so busy..

keep ur opinion to ur self and go to sleep without any reaction to stop or support this war,, and again shame on u.

and about my posts it's too hard to understand it.

stay in ur own world without shareing us our real,curel world

am sorry to bother u.

Moyle disse...


now your making some sense but i still maintain my opinion about the moron part. sorry, nothing personal.

tasneem disse...

NO it wasn't admission it was sort of mockery..

it's not propaganda moyle,, NEVER

it's away to tell the world about the unfair war in GAZA,, about the curelty, inhumanity killing ways.

it's away to make the israeli people think again about them government policy and if them accept it or no they aren't..

am not moron moyle ,, am try to be an effective person..

and about my blog i didn't talk about the language i talked about the sense.

and about the media don't believe everything they say.. the media isn't neutral enough.

Moyle disse...


one thing is being effective the other is saying crap like:

«after check this links out go to wash your hands well,, it's drops blood

all the world konw you are terrorists and u haven't conscience,, so go to your bed and have a sweet dreams

but be sure this kids spirits will chase you in your dreams or in your waking»

it's not bad actually, if you belong to an heavy metal band. since it's not my case, thanks for the lyrics, but no.

tasneem disse...

sorry if our way didn't have ur satisfy but maybe it's only way we have to get ur attention and to be an effective.. what's about yours?

do u have anyone?

Moyle disse...


well, to offend people is a way to start but I don't know if that strategy is very effective. when you want some message to get through to start calling people murderers... they tend to get offended. I don't know why but no one seems to like it. especially if they never murdered anyone. that doesn't seem to work, really.

tasneem disse...

do u know maybe u aren't with this war..? but what are u doing to stop it? i think NOTHING

and sometimes being silent whene acrim doing is a sort of shareing in it..

MOYLE u are in israel have the rights to object about any policy u don't agree with it but here in the arabian countries we haven't this choice..

Moyle disse...


guess what, i'm really doing nothing and, somehow, i have the feeling that's not going to change. for the last time, i'm not israeli and i'm not in Israel. and if i were i'd get the hell out before getting blown in a bus or something. maybe it's good fun but i don't feel like trying.

now if you'll excuse me i'm off washing the blood of my hands. i just murdered two chickens for lunch tomorrow and all this red under the finger nails is bothering me.

tasneem disse...

ok ,, just enjoy with ur chickens.. that's eoungh for u?

p.s: u aren't israeli and u don't live in it,, why did u choose a country like it to be urs in ur profile?

Jiminy_Cricket disse...

eh pa!!!! o amigo Tasneem além de entrar no blog dos outros para fazer o que lhe apetece é lento das ideias!!!!

Beim, ao que me tinha proposto fazer que era subscrever o teu texto... eu assino embaixo contudo penso que a corda deveria ser grátis e free para não haver dóvidas ;)


Moyle disse...


chickens aren't enough, i like to join some chips and some salad goes down well too.

that's not any of your business but i'll tell. i was just trying to see if someone would fire a few rockets on the blog. it worked nicely i see now.

Moyle disse...


é que o gajo é chato. eu já lhe disse que não queria tapete nenhum mas ele insiste. da-se...

a corda grátis era bem visto mas atenção que o Moyle faz isto por compaixão, não é caridade :D


Clara Umbra disse...

Fiquei atordoada com o aviso da senhora lá em cima de que não podemos acreditar em tudo o que os media dizem... Não?! Eh pá... Que bom que temos a tasneem para nos avisar das cenas [para não dizer das merdas]...

Moyle disse...


por falar em lucidez... :)

Anónimo disse...

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